Calming Seas Mojo Bag

Calming Seas Mojo Bag

This is a custom made mojo bag to assist you in coping with the stress that is around you and going on right now.  These are just a tool to work with other things you have in place to keep your vibrations high.

This bag contains hand selected stones of :

Blue Lace Agate- helps one to center, be calm, reprogrammed thought processes from anxiety and panic to calm and peaceful.  

Pink Calcite - a stone of peace it radiates divine love and promotes forgiveness.  This stone has a tender energy that wraps you in a safe and secure metaphysical blanket. 

Lepidolite- this is a great stone for soothing and grounding.   It contains lithium and helps to release fear, anxiety and invite calm in. It mellows our grouchy tempers, is emotionally healing, relaxing and great stress reliever.

The bag contains organic lavender buds and essential oils to sooth and relax as well.

How to use :  Carry this on your person and when you feel stressed or anxious gently squeeze the bag and inhale the calming scents of lavender, bergamot, cedar, Ylang Ylang and other essential oils.

You may also sleep with this in your pillow case .  

If you leave it in your pillow case REMEMBER to take it out before you wash your case.  I have forgotten about mine several times and end up having to replace the herbals and oils 😉

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and this is not sold to replace any regime you are currently on  or need to be on. 

Please follow all doctor orders and continue medication you use.

This is meant to support regimes you have in place.