Extraterrestrial Contact

Extraterrestrial Contact

Featured in the book: 
-the best UFO/ET cases and the evidence for them. 
-the best US and other official government smoking-gun documents 
-remarkable close encounters of the Fifth kind 
-thought-provoking overview of why ETs are here
"He has written the definitive volume that delineates the boundaries around what is known and unknown in the search for indisputable proof of the presence on extraterrestrial intelligence on the plant.....Here are the resuts of years of research, countless hours of pouring through archives ...and endless presentations to Congress and high-level officials.......This volume belongs on your shelf. Don't miss it" -- Contact Forum - Brian Crissey 

Here is a sensational new book that I'm feeling driven to tell everyone about. It is a riveting, scientifically grounded revelation. With every few pages it seems to blow my mind. By nature curious, I have no qualms about asking questions and vague , nebulous, anecdotal UFO/ET accounts don't usually sustain my interest for long. But I was deeply moved by this book, because the material seems rock solid; it is breathtaking, inspiring. -- unsolicited comment from a readed
From the Publisher
This book has been fantastically well received by the public. Here are some of the comments.

"I read Dr. Greer's book. Wow! It is excellent! beautifully written, the book contains a lot of new information about the ET experience worldwide. Dr.. Greer's book should be a must read for every citizen of the world. I have read many of the top UFO books (Timothy Good), but Dr. Greer's is the best book on the subject I've read." B.H. ( former military intelligence).

"I recently finished Dr. Greer's book 'Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications". I must say that it is by far the most informative and 'believable' book on the ET subject that I have ever read, and I have read many. I honestly believe that Dr. Greer will be the one person responsible for getting the ET questions answered for the whole world to see." J.D.R.

"There's a sensational new book that I'm feeling driven to tell everyone about.....The book is Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications and it is a riveting, scientifically grounded revelation. With every few pages, it seemed to blow my mind. By nature curious, I have no qualms about asking questions, and vague, nebulous, anecdotal UFO/ET accounts don't usually sustain my interest for long. But I was deeply moved by this book, because the material seems rock solid. It is breathtaking, inspiring...and disturbing. The 50 year campaign of disinformation, fear mongering, hoaxes and extra-legal activities by covert managements of this phenomenon has unfortunately been extremely successful and most people are honestly confused and uninformed about what will one day be seen as the most momentous development of the 20th-21st centuries.

"This book is so good...I am giving this to my adult children as their introduction to the reality of all the possibilities of their future." K.B.

From the Back Cover
Featured in the book- - the best UFO/ET cases and the evidence for them - the best US and other official, government smoking gun documents related to UFOs - the remarkable Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind experiences of Dr.Greer and the CSETI research teams who have encountered and made contact with UFOs all over the world - a thought-provoking overview of why ETs are here, what are the implications of disclosing this knowledge to the world and how the world will change once the truth is known - an inside view of the famous CSETI Project Starlight briefings to President Clinton's first CIA Director, key members of Congress, the UN leadership and very senior Pentagon officials at the highest level of the military, among others.

Relying on first-hand knowledge from his CSETI research experiences and direct sources from covert projects, Dr. Greer brings a unique combination of scientific knowledge, credibility, vision, humor and inspiration to the subject. Arguably the most insightful book ever written on the subject of UFOs, ETs, and government secrecy.

About the Author
Steven M. Greer, MD, an emergency physician and Founder and International Director of CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence_ - widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence - has written the definitive account of the UFO/ET subject in this book: Extraterrestrial Contact
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
On December 13, 1993, my wife and I flew to Washington, DC to meet with President Clinton's first CIA Director, James Woolsey. The cover story for this meeting was simply a small dinner party consisting of CIA Director Woolsey and his wife, Dr. Sue Woolsey (Chief Operating Officer of the National Academy of Sciences) and our host and his wife. Shortly before the meeting, we learned that I was to be the first person to brief the Director of Central Intelligence on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial (ET) intelligence: Woolsey had made inquiries but had received no information on the subject from any official government channels.

Naturally I came prepared with a large briefcase filled with case evidence, witness testimony, photographs and video footage of UFOs, government documents and the like. After a few introductions and pleasantries, we got right to business.

I learned that the CIA Director and his wife had actually seen one of these UFOS in New Hampshire in the late 1960s, in broad daylight. So after about 10-15 minutes of presenting the evidence, Mr. Woolsey said, in effect, "Yes, I know they exist. Now talk to me about what all of this means."

This book is all about what does all of this mean. While this book certainly presents some compelling case evidence, smoking gun government documents and photographs, the core of this book is really about meaning. Any open-minded person can peruse a handful of these cases, government documents and authenticated photographs and conclude, as Mr. Woolsey did, that there is something very real going on here. But now for the interesting part: Why are they here, how has the secrecy been maintained, what are the implications to our society, and what will disclosure of these facts mean? How do these devices travel through interstellar space and get someplace in a life form's natural life time and how can you communicate in real time through many light years of space, and ...

Presented here, then , are a collection of papers which attempt to elucidate these and many other critical issues. The evidence is really the easy part: making some sense of it is what is truly challenging. This book is just such an attempt, one which I offer with the caveat that this is only an initial attempt to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of all time. It is a work in progress. And as we stand on the eve of the next millennium, we can only peer dimly into a reality that is showing us our future.

And so it was that on that night in December 1993, we spent two and a half hours with the CIA Director and the Chief Operating Officer of the National Academy of Sciences discussing the meaning behind the mysteries. I remember discussing geopolitcal implications of disclosing this matter fully to the public. I remember elucidating the implications of disclosing ET technologies that could replace all of the sources of pollution of the world. I remember discussing how religious figures might react to such a disclosure. But one of my fondest memories is of Dr. Sue Woolsey asking, "But how do they communicate through the great distance of space?" I swallowed hard and for an instance contemplated not telling her the truth. But then quickly I realized that if she was perceptive enough to ask the question, perhaps she was ready for the answer. Whereupon I said to her: " Their communication systems are technologies which interface with aspects of reality closely associated wit