Pop Your Paradigm

Pop Your Paradigm

In POP YOUR PARADIGM! You will find the story of Sandra Daly, a woman who, at the age of thirty-five, made the discovery that she did not have to continue to live her life at the mercy of that voice. The paradigm that she had lived her whole life from had her convinced that she was doomed to be nothing more than a victim of domestic violence. She lived from an ingrained belief that she was ugly, that she was not worthy of being loved or happy, that she was put on this planet to suffer, and that she deserved to be abused. She believed that she would always have more problems than she could ever hope to handle. POP YOUR PARADIGM! Shows how Sandra changed her whole life by changing her patterns and habits of thought. It shows how she was able to begin catching herself thinking those thoughts that kept her life small and full of pain. As she was able to catch herself in the middle of the paradigm thoughts, she was then able to shift those thoughts to something more positive and life affirming. And as she deliberately focused her thoughts in a positive way, her actions and choices became healthier and happier. As her actions and choices became healthier and happier, her whole life became healthier, happier, more stable, and much, much bigger! POP YOUR PARADIGM! It is a wonderful, powerful story of triumph, but not of one person over another. No, this is a story of one woman s triumph over the most powerfully controlling thing ever her subconscious programming, her paradigm. As you read this book, you will find that this is not just Sandra s story. It is everyone s story. Every person on Earth has paradigms, and every single person on this planet has the ability to neutralize those paradigms if they choose to and if they re willing to make the effort. This book provides a real life example of how it s done, and some incredibly effective tools for doing it.
"It is so wonderfully gratifying for me when I see someone grasp Life's Success principles as Sandra has done. Not only has she used them to change her own life, but to help countless others to change theirs as well. With "POP YOUR PARADIGM!" Sandra Daly shows what it looks like to actually neutralize-and then change-subconscious programming, thereby making it possible for anyone to create whatever life they want to be living. Sandra shows that no matter who you are or what you've lived, it really is possible to change your life by changing your patterns of thought." ~Mary Manin Morrissey~ --~Mary Manin Morrissey~ 

"Holding "POP YOUR PARADIGM!" in your hands puts you just one short step away from all the good you will ever desire. Reading and applying the powerful information in this book will give you all the good you will ever desire. I have been studying and teaching PARADIGMS for over 40 years... Sandra Daly has turned complicated concepts into easy to follow steps. I want to congratulate her. This book leads to freedom, you should give a copy to your best friend." Bob Proctor --Bob Proctor 

"If you want a step-by-step guide for creating a life of your dreams from someone who has done it from the bottom up, POP YOUR PARADIGM! is the book for you! Sandra Daly walked through the fires of life, learned to change from the inside out and emerged on the other side to live a life of spiritual depth, personal fulfillment and love. In this book, she takes you by the hand and shows you how such change is possible. As she has said, "If I can do it, anyone can!" And with the help of this well-thought out, easy to understand book, you most definitely can." Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington --Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington


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