The Creator Speaks

The Creator Speaks

This book gives us hope and understanding of the larger picture that is being played out on our planet at this time. The Creator, Archangels and Masters explain our emotions and experiences of the cosmic Ascension. They explain that we are in a collective “Dark Night of the Soul” and that absolutely there is a “light at the end of the tunnel.” We are clearing collective karma and are in a magnitude of transformational healing and a Souls Awakening that has never happened before on our Planet. We are ascending back into the nucleus of the ONE Cell/Soul of LOVE in which we were first created. As with other books from The Creator, this book is also a DNA activator. And as you read Spirit’s messages, you will shift out of the collective pain body and into the safety and higher vibration of our magnificent cosmic Ascension.

About the Author
Michelle Phillips is an internationally renowned author, spiritual psychic, intuitive healer, speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator. Born conscious of her gifts, Michelle has always had a direct communication with the Spirit world. She started assisting others to connect and heal their karmic and spiritual wounds after healing her son from a severe kidney ailment. She has dedicated her life to God/Spirit to assist others in their Soul’s Awakening.


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