The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord

Talented blues guitarist, Christopher Shade, finds himself unwittingly entangled in adventure and intrigue when he discover the Forbidden Frequencies of the Lost Chord, a computer generated sound that carries within it the power to create inter-dimensional gateways, and thus the means to almost unlimited power over the destiny of humankind. The Chord is stolen by a self-proclaimed messiah, a

madman who intends to use the Lost Chord to control human beings and fuel his plans for world domination. In order to stop him, Shade must undergo a daunting initiation into the mysteries of spirit and sound and discover the only force that can save himself and his fellow human beings.

Combining information about the power of sound to heal and transform, as well as its ability to control and destroy, international sound healing authority and Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman has created an exciting, whirlwind spiritual journey that will entertain as well as enlighten the reader. What are the Forbidden Frequencies of the Lost Chord? Read this extraordinary adventure
story and find out the truth!


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