Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians

Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians

This is the award-winning account of the author's conversations with the Gemstone Guardians - the inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere. In 30 fascinating interviews, the Guardians herald a new field of energy medicine - one that uses the life force emanated by gemstone spheres to heal, nourish, and illuminate all aspects of our lives.

This book provides the reader with fundamental knowledge to learn more about this intriguing field and its application in healing. --Center for Advanced Medicine, April 2005

About the Author
Michael Katz is a leading authority on gemstone energy medicine. As the author of six books, Katz has dedicated his life to promoting greater awareness of the healing and transforming benefits of gemstones. This book won the Coalition of Visionary Retailers Best Self-Help Book award. In 1988, Michael Katz founded Gemisphere, which provides gemstone energy medicine education and tools to people in over 40 countries. He gives presentations on gemstone energy medicine at major conventions for doctors and holistic practitioners. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Review by author Nicolas Pearson; 

Another unique view in the world of Gemstones
Katz's works truly are special in the world of healing with members from the Mineral Kingdom. They focus only on the aspects of working with spherical gemstones. While they attempt to deny the validity of working with minerals in their natural forms, there are many useful lessons to be learned from this book.

Each Gemstone Guardian is met in his or her own vignette, and the reader really does begin to feel the excitement of the stories presented. However, there are many names invented for the use of this book and all of Katz's successive works. Gemsiphere Institute only works with a limited number of stones, although that number is growing. While they have greatly helped the crystal healing communities by providing concise, updated information in an original format, as well as stressing the importance of safety measures and the necesity for a certain standard in healing, I feel that they have also done a slight disservice to the community.

Natural crystals are thought to be sub-par, despite the fact that their uses and energetic blueprints are being very well mapped out. Physical alteration of a minerals outer form, such as shaping it into a sphere, in no way changes the inner morphologies and symmetries presented by the internal arrangements of chemical elements and mineral bases. While the symbology of gemstone spheres runs deep, the energy emitted by them is not necessarily any different from that of any other piece of a given mineral. The inner lattice creates a very precise arrangement of the energy transmitted by a crystal, whether or not the external form is visible.

Aside from that, this book truly is an exciting read, which is the main reason that it received 4, rather than 3, stars.