21 Days of Enlightenment

21 Days of Enlightenment

21 DAYS OF ENLIGHTENMENTS is an interactive workbook that creates daily opportunities for fun and exploration as you discover more about yourself, your relationship to others, and to all living things. Each day you will be led on an adventure of enlightenment and service as you push past your comfort zone and boundaries to connect with your external and internal world. By doing so, you'll see more clearly who you really are, and have the opportunity to experience life in a more conscious and joyful way. This book sets you on a path, one that increases your awareness of this world and how you fit into it. And the 'enlightenments' that you take away, are truly gifts to yourself, as they will have a lasting effect on your life. You won't be surprised by what you learn, you'll be transformed!

About the Author
Ian Hoge and Bernadette Luckett are first and foremost, fellow students in this cosmic game called life. After many years on our spiritual journeys, practicing a variety of different traditions, religions and alternative modalities, we joined together to write “21 Days Of Enlightenments.” Here we share the most effective tools and practices that we have learned on this path of self-liberation. Neither of us professes to have all the answers, but we both acknowledge that the best answers come from within. This book was not written by us; but rather came through us. It’s been a wonderful experience that has allowed us to participate in this book’s journey as well.


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