The Spiritual Study of the Tarot

At last four ancient studies combined to explain the Spiritual Laws and Creation. The Tarot is an age-old method of divination and is based in part on mythological stereotypes and legends as well as on universal symbols, images, and the magical beliefs of many people. Numerology is based upon the belief that your date of birth and your name are not randomly chosen, they are pre-determined by your soul, before birth. Numerology helps the user discover their inner needs, characteristics and talents, as well as areas of difficulty and areas of potential success. The Kabalah is the study of the ancient Tree of Life, based on Hebrew teachings and beliefs. The Kabalah also draws upon similar principles found in the Tarot and in the study of Numerology and Astrology. Combining the studies of the Tarot, Kabalah, Astrology and Numerology, the user begins to blend their teachings and understand how they interrelate. The Author is a gifted teacher of metaphysical subjects and a professional astrologer. Her unique insight and presentation make the Tarot cards come alive in a new way for the seasoned user, and is readily understood by the novice reader. She arouses the reader's instincts and intuition and shows you how to blend and apply the major studies of the Kabalah, Astrology and Numerology, together with the study of the Tarot.


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