Crystal GridWork

Crystal GridWork

Experience the real magic of crystals
Healing crystals inspire positive change in our lives
Build Your Own Crystal Tool Kit
At the core of your simple tool kit are, of course, your healing crystals.

You will explore the real magic of crystals and how to select the most appropriate gems for your healing needs.

You will be introduced to six key crystal categories, Each holding their own unique meanings and energetic properties. Through the understanding of these six different types of crystal energy lattices that we can identify the circumstances in which they should be used.

Seeker Crystals
Attractor Crystals
Enhancer Crystals
Guardian Crystals
Barrier Crystals
Dispeller Crystals

Finding Direction Grid - There are times in life when we feel lost without a direction, not knowing.

What is a crystal grid?
A healing crystal grid combines the power of multiple crystals to build an energetic map that can guide us in the direction of our goals and create real and tangible changes in our lives. Furthermore, when we set our intentions through the use of a carefully created crystal grid, these changes can often happen quite fast.

The idea of finding the perfect geometrical shape to match the perfect combination of crystals can seem overwhelming to even the most advanced crystal collector. Crystal grids are not reserved for clairvoyants and professional energy workers. This healing modality, just like yoga and meditation, can be easily adapted by anyone. This book aims to empower you to become comfortable and confident in building your own crystal grids, from start to finish, so that you can be your own gridwork expert.

Start your journey by building a simple and inexpensive tool kit
Discover the wonder and beauty of crystals as you progress
Learn how to build your own grids, where to place your crystals, and how to personalize your grids
An indispensable source of 30 healing grids—complete with crystal details, positioning, and suggested to heal and enhance your life.
Delve into the world of sacred geometry, where you’ll be guided through 12 principal grid formations, including Tripod of Life and Borromean Rings
A healing crystal grid builds an energetic map that can create real changes in our lives.