Signmates An astrological guise to Love & Intimancy

Signmates An astrological guise to Love & Intimancy

Somehow, your relationship that started out so wonderfully is having problems. Or perhaps you'd like to anticipate what problems could occur in a potential relationship. More importantly, you need to know how to resolve the problems. 

Problems of interpersonal relationships are most often caused because everyone has conscious and unconscious needs and behaviors that can conflict with those of another. Recognizing and dealing with them can save relationships. You'll find out how to do this in Bernie Ashman's SignMates. 

Contrary to what some people think, your astrological sign doesn't "force" you to do anything. It is simply an indicator of what you are. By understanding how the signs relate, you can better understand relationships and how to overcome problems that may arise. In a nutshell, that is what this book will do for you. 

The book relates potential problems in a relationship between every sign of the zodiac. For example, if you are a Virgo and your partner is a Scorpio, you may play the "Sabotage Game," where you make it difficult for your partner to reach goals because of unresolved anger or jealousy. To deal with this you need to become aware of negative, unproductive comments and support your partner. Two other games and coping strategies are given. 

Or perhaps you are a Libra and your partner is an Aquarius. You may experience the "Lovers and Strangers Game" where your sense of closeness vacillates between extremes. This is a test to see if you can handle emotional heat. You have to be willing to simply and honestly discuss your feelings. Again, two more games and strategies for dealing with the conflicts that cause them are given. 

No matter what sign you and your partner are, this book will pinpoint the potential pitfalls and how to deal with them. Also included for each pairing is the good news, a "rainbow" at the end of the difficulties, which indicates how great such a relationship can be. Ideal for both non-astrologers and astrological pros, this book can help save your relationship. 

One of the things I have observed over the years is that people work differently. Some can continue to do long hours of labor on a regular schedule while others may do little before suddenly bursting into an energetic explosion of work. Problems can develop when people who have different styles of working end up working together. After some initial problems, a middle ground is obtained which allows the people to work in harmony.

The same thing is true in romantic relationships. One person's inner motivations may conflict with those of a partner or potential partner. And the fact is, when a relationship breaks up, both people do suffer. 

Nothing is going to change that. You will have relationships that last and others that don't. I'd like to see you have all the help you can to maintain and enhance relationships you have now, and the ones you may have in the future. That's why I think you should have a copy of SignMates. 

In this book you'll learn what your inner motivations in a relationship are, and how they can conflict with the desires – both conscious and unconscious – of your partner. You will also learn about the hidden motivations of your partner that may push your buttons. The book also explains methods for overcoming these problems and why your relationship can be strong and vibrant. 

This book will save hours of time for astrologers who can quickly find potential problems in a relationship (it's based on Sun Signs) and how to deal with them. It can also aid counselors of any type. With this book you can have a secret tool that can put you ahead of others in your field. 

But I think this book is also important for all of you who are neither counselors nor astrologers and simply want to make your relationships better. This book will show you  possible pitfalls and points of disagreement, as well as giving you strategies for overcoming them. In short, it could save your relationship. 

So give your relationship a chance! Use this book.