The Complete Book of Numbers

The Complete Book of Numbers

Experience the power and deep meaning inherent in the spiritual science of numbers. This breakthrough book will show you that numerology consists of more than just nine numbers. It involves our entire mathematical system―from arithmetic to modern physics―and is rich in psychological insight. 

Combining the mystery of the occult with the objectivity of science, this book expands numerology far beyond any current concept of it. It explains the little-known history of number symbolism and offers a step-by-step progression of spiritual development. 

·For those interested in the scientific/mathematical basis for the occult and numerology 
·Presents a deeper, more meaningful level of Pythagorean numerology than anything available elsewhere 
·Teaches how to do numerology and, more importantly, how to make the interpretations 
·Offers a numerical interpretation of the nature of time 

About the Author 
Steven Pither holds a masters degree in French and Spanish from Ball State University. He has lived in France, England, and Brazil, and was in the Peace Corps in Tunisia. Mr. Pither has traveled widely in Europe, North Africa, and North and South America. He is married, and resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has avidly pursued the spiritual and psychological meanings of numbers since 1985, and has given over seven hundred numerology readings. 


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