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Can't Get OUT!

As you all know we are in this crazy start to 2020! It has been a roller coaster ride for many. Here at the Cove we have had to come up with interesting ways to still get you the things you need. We are working on doing online classes and making up kits for the classes to mail out via snail mail. Due to COVID-19 guidelines in place by New Mexico; the shop is CLOSED to walk in customers. We are taking online orders and phone orders from 12:00 to 3:30 Wed to Sat. and mailing said items.

Who would have thought that we would actually be going back to the tried and true USPS. I am very blessed and thankful that the Post Office is right across the street from us and we have a wonderful team there!

As we move things to the website please bear with us. It is a laborious task. We will have some minor hiccups along the way but once we are complete we should have about 1000 items online. THAT is a lot of photography folks! Worked like crazy the other day and thought "hey we did good" then went to see how much was actually uploaded and was like dang-it! Didn't we put up more?? Sure felt like it!

Remember to visit our FB Page and Instagram @indigomermaidllc. We will be uploading card readings and doing You-Tube videos soon as well.

Love and Light to you all and remember PEACE not PANIC. We are getting through this and will come out stronger.

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