Sea Magic

Sea Magic

Invoke the Power of the Sea and Transform Your Life

Purifying, mesmerizing, and transformative―the sea has long been celebrated for its beauty and mysterious power. By connecting to the ocean's energies, you can deepen your experience of the natural world and enrich your life.

Whether you live near or far from the coast, Sea Magic takes you on a unique voyage of spiritual rejuvenation. Explore various types of shells and sea creatures, both real and mythical. Call upon sea deities and saints to amplify your spiritual practice, and try a wide array of relaxation exercises and meditative techniques:

Set up a sea-themed altar to empower your intentions
Center your energy with a cosmic ocean-moon meditation and a conch-hand mudra
Release emotions with an ancient practice known as ocean breath to attune to the tides
Use shells for divination and positive visualization
Select a sea fetch (totem animal) to take you on a shamanic journey
Dive into your inner world of emotions, imagination, and creativity―and let the sea's timeless wisdom guide you on your life path.

"If you need to find some sanity than this book is ideal. You won't regret buying this book, especially if you need a spiritual rejuvenation."―Sydney Star Observer

"...full of wisdom and power."―The Rowdy Goddess Blog

"From beginner to advanced, this book can provide easy-to-use rituals, as well as a perspective that many experienced pagans may not have thought of."―Deirdre Hebert, hostess PaganFM!

"There are a great many gems to be discovered in this book, making it a terrific gift at anytime of the year. My only hope is that the next edition will include a companion CD of Kynes' alluring meditations and incantations."―Karen M. Rider for Inner Tapestry

About the Author
Sandra Kynes (Portland, ME) is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids and the author of seventeen books, including Star Magic, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, and Sea Magic. Additionally, her work has been featured in Utne Reader, The Portal, and Circle Magazine. Sandra's writing also appears regularly in Llewellyn's popular almanacs and datebooks.